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Monday, June 6, 2011

Top Five Signs Your Presidential Campaign is NOT Getting Off to a Good Start

So far, the Republicans have about 400 people running for their party's nomination in the 2012 Presidential Primary, with former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum jumping into the race on Monday. Unfortunately, not everyone's campaign is going to take roots and take off. Some, well, are dead on arrival. But how can you tell if your favorite candidate for president isn't going to make it?

Top Five Signs Your Presidential Campaign is NOT Getting Off to a Good Start

#7. When asked the question by a reporter, even you have to admit that you wouldn't vote for yourself, and then give her ten good reasons why.
#6. You're actually considering sending a shirtless picture of yourself to some college coed on your Twitter page just to get some free media attention.
#5. Only endorsement is from the cast of "Jersey Shore" and even they aren't impressed with you.
#4. Muslim extremists hacked your campaign website and actually improved it.
#3. When you make your big announcement to run for president, someone from the audience of faithful supporters shouts "Of what?"
#2. After weeks of sending out fundraising emails, calling big time donors, and going door-to-door asking for money, your campaign "war chest" is actually 11 bucks in the hole.
#1. Your platform consisting of only "No Fat Chicks" hasn't taken off as well as you had planned.

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