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Monday, July 11, 2011

Top Five Lame Excuses #MLB Players Are Using for Not Attending the #All-Star Game

A record 16 Major League Base#ball players, voted by fans to play in the All Star Game Tuesday night, will NOT be playing for a variety of reasons. Some are injured, but many more seem to just want to take the week off and relax.

Top Five Lame Excuses MLB Players Are Using for Not Attending the All-Star Game

#5. "My wife heard there was a 'Hot Boobie' thing that blew through Phoenix last week and she don't want me anywhere near there."
#4. "There's a special sneak peak of the new Harry Potter movie playing at the cineplex that night and I've spent weeks on my Professor Snape costume. Weeks, I tell ya!"
#3. "Wouldn't you know it, I got picked to be on the jury for Roger Clemens perjury trial."
#2. "Don't you know Women's World Cup soccer is going on right now? And I hate to admit it, but I have a HUGE bet on the outcome of the Ghana vs. North Korea match."
#1. "Not looking forward to the pre-game tradition where Cal Ripkin comes in and gives everyone a surprise 'Hall of Fame Wedgie.'

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